Dyson DC44

Dyson DC44 is a cordless vacuum cleaner with high suction vacuum is not inferior to vacuum confessional. Animal DC44 Digital Slim tough with mini motor support. Dyson DC44 is useful for removing pet hair and dirt from awkward spaces and upholstery

Dyson DC44 Engineers have developed that can be used multifunctional. This means DC44 can be used to clean the floor and ceiling. By placing the center of gravity is located in the handle (DC44 feels light) for easy handling at the top, down low, and in-between. It’s suitable for all floor surfaces: carpet, ceramic, vinyl, and wood.

Cordless vacuum cleaner Dyson DC44 is a new product, the previous generation is the Dyson DC35 Animal. Completion of Dyson DC 44 is very awaited by customers. Currently some customers ordered the Dyson DC 44 Animal to 2 units.

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Dyson DC44 Product Features

Before Dyson Animal DC44 belongs to you, it’s good to know the features of the DC44 Animal. It is important for you to know before buying a Dyson DC44. This is a strong reason for you, why DC44 worth you have. Below are the features:

Dyson DC44

Dyson DC44 Animal Digital Slim MK2,
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  • Dyson digital motor 3 times faster than conventional motors.The most power-efficient cordless vacuum.cordless vacuum.
  • Motorized floor tool with carbon fiber brushesUltra-fine conductive carbon fiber brushesclean hard floors. Rotating nylon brushesremove ground-in dirt from carpets.
  • 20 minutes increased run time20 minutes of high constant suction
  • Additional tool included: Mini motorized tool:
  • Removes pet hair and dust from upholstery and awkward spaces.

Dyson Animal has two types of brushes, anti-static carbon filament fibers removes fine dust from hard floors. Stiff nylon bristles eliminate ground-in dirt from carpets.

The wand is made from lightweight aluminum. It reaches high, low and into awkward gaps – ideal for floor to ceiling cleaning. You can also remove the wand and attach the motorized tool for quick clean-ups around the home and for removing dirt and dust from the car.

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With you have a Dyson DC44 Animal makes you always eager to clean the house, because Dyson is very easy to operate. Here statement from Customer:

It’s incredibly light-weight, easy to assemble and use, and performs to a tee!
Dana D. – Clearwater, Florida

The battery life is great.
C. G. King

Dyson DC44 Animal

Dyson DC44 Animal,
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